The Huts are part of a response to the questions

What really makes us happy?
What sort of world are we contributing to for our kids?

The answers to the first were simple.

The second not so. In fact it’s been complicated, and often overwhelming trying to figure out the answer. So we’re doing what feels right for us.

It’s planting trees - for us, for birds, for bees, for shade, for shelter, and for pure enjoyment.
We’re growing food to get those kai kilometers down.
We’re wanting to generate our own energy, and closing those loops to be as efficient as possible.
We’re both there when our kids wake up, go to sleep, and for as much in between as possible.
We’re trying to regenerate, because the world needs more than just to sustain.
We’re going surfing because everybody needs to have fun and rejoice!

And because we like people and everyone needs an income - and this piece of land happens to sit on a hill, in a bay of the west coast in the Far North, with 90 Mile Beach stretching as far as the eye can see, and with one of the world's best waves at its feet - we’ve created a space for you to come enjoy it too.

Perhaps you need to retreat for some quiet time, but maybe the only reflection you’re after is that of passing clouds on a deep blue ocean. Or you’re just after a place to rest your head. Whatever it is, we’re here, and you’re always welcome to join us for a night or more. Bed and breakfast (although not cooked, too much fun to be had) in one of the best places in the world.

Season one on the whenua (land). 

Shelter belt planted. To lighten those strong South Westerlies! Once it grows it will allow us to begin sub tropical food forest.

Season two on the whenua

Small beginnings of food forest begun. Peaches, Plums, Apples, Pears, Limes, Lemons, Madarins, Oranges, Feijoas and Guavas planted. Supporting ground cover plants slowly being added .

Home and guest huts built. A home for our growing family, and huts for friends and strangers to join us in enjoying this place. Built using as many local (NZ), natural and non toxic materials as possible on our budget and timeline. Features Double glazing. Eco insulation. Gravity fed water and septic system.

Raised Garden Beds. Situated behind the huts and close to our back door for easy access for guests and ourselves. Primarily to grow quick to grab greens and herbs in first season. (A little secret. I am a terrible gardener. But have to start somewhere!).

Season three on the whenua.

Had our first birthday (December 26 2018).

Built outdoor shower with surfboard and wetsuit storage.

Built our yoga / star gazing / beersie deck with outdoor bath, in between two of our favourite trees.

Terraced the elevated sections to get ready for food forest planting (including native trees and shrubs). Created platform for additional tank so we can run the outdoor bath and shower. Very little rain has kept the outdoor bathing off limits so far.

Established pond for water catchment, so we can keep our veggie garden going over summer.

Decided to complete window dressings by adding curtains to front windows. They are a beautiful addition!

Forward seasons on the whenua (looking forward).

Solar panels connected to the grid.

Dream is to utilise pond as a natural plunge pool! Next to our other dream of a sauna.

Plant lots more edible trees and ground cover. Establish more planting around buildings to provide more privacy for humans, and homes for birds and bees.

Add another Outdoor Appreciation Space of fire pit and pizza oven.