The Huts

The huts are inspired by the joys of simple lives led by the tides. Generally used for utilatarian purposes, the exteriors are influenced by the rustic Seaweed Picker huts, found further round Tauroa Point, and the rich history of the tramping hut, found dotted over New Zealand. The interiors have been reimagined to provide a balance between that which is essential and that little something extra. Leaving space for you to create your own version of paradise. 


Breakfast Pantry. Local and organic produce provided to create your own morning meal at your own pace.

Natural Bedding. NZ made wooden frames, organic mattresses and bedding, unique throws.

Bathrooms. Black slate emulating the reef that flows around the points. Organic bath towels and handpicked soaps to wash away life before The Huts.

Local Art. Celebrating the south pacific through local eyes.

Private deck. For all day sun appreciation, and all night star gazing (though all aspects from The Huts will provide similar views!).


The Property


Nestled on a hill overlooking Shipwreck Bay, in the small settlement of Ahipara, at the base of 90 Mile Beach. Situated in the Far North of New Zealand, is a slice of paradise time forgot. 

This piece of land has been in the family for 25 years. Loved for the roots Ahipara holds from my father's formative years, and our early childhood - but neglected by distance. Now the circle has called a few of us back to start regenerating the land. Planting trees, building soil, putting the love back in.